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Goroth Mythic

by Sumerâgi, 157 days ago

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Gul'dan Mythic

by Sumerâgi, 201 days ago

Finally progression is over! We did well thus far, let's continue to do better!

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About Niflheim
Welcome! Niflheim is a GMT+8 raiding guild on Barthilas-US horde, comprising mainly players from Singapore and Australia. We were formed towards the end of WOTLK, and have been raiding consistently since. 

We currently have cleared Mythic Hellfire Citadel and pushing for higher progression in Legion. We are recruiting more raiders to start preparing for mythic raiding in Legion

Most of us are working adults, and we adopt a relatively relaxed raid schedule however to be prepared for all raids to maximise the time we have. Raid times vary for each raid team, but we don't normally raid more than 9 - 10 hours a week (3 raid days of 3+ hours each, from 9pm - 12am (GMT+8)). 

Please refer to the application forum for more details on our current recruitment needs, and we encourage you to submit an application or contact any one of our officers in game for a chat if you are keen to join us.